Insulation Jacket


Insulation jackets are successfully applied to customers in various industries, including petrochemicals, machinery manufacturing, plastics industry, food and other industries.


The insulation coat is composed of high silicon refractory material, inhaled silica gel and environmental protection cotton. It is composed of inner layer, heat insulation layer and protective layer. The working temperature is below 650℃. It has the advantages of insulation and heat insulation, water resistance, oil resistance, stains, non-combustibility, non-corrosion, corrosion resistance. And the surface is scrubbed, easy to bend, environmentally friendly and non-polluting, and beautiful in appearance.


During the usage, put the insulation jacket directly on the outside of the heat exchangers matching interface hole position.

Product Details




The materials use nano-aerogel insulation blankets and ceramic fiber needle-punched blankets.

The inner layer is made of high silica cloth and ceramic cloth (which can withstand 1200℃ and can be used for a long time at 950℃).


The outer surface layer is made of silica gel reflective cloth partition or Teflon high temperature cloth and divided into pieces, and the outer cover of steel wire cloth is divided and divided into pieces.




Good insulation effect, high and low temperature resistance (high temperature 1000℃, low temperature resistance 70℃).


Excellent chemical stability, resistance to various chemical corrosion; anti-moth, anti-mildew.


Fireproof and non-combustible (Fireproof Class A, Class B1). 


Anti-aging and weather resistance.


Waterproof and oil-proof


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