ViEX Heat Exchangers Gaskets & Plates

HFM supplies plate heat exchanger gasket and plate replacements for Viex heat exchangers. ViEX Model List as below.

V, VX and VXN Series

V60 V85 V100 V110 V130 V170 VX2 VX4 VX8 VX13
V-60 V-85 V-100 V-110 V-130 V-170 VX-2 VX-4 VX-8 VX-13
VX20 VX28 VX45 VXN01 VXN03 VXN09 VXN12 VXN16 VXN20 VXN23
VX-20 VX-28 VX-45 VXN-01 VXN-03 VXN-09 VXN-12 VXN-16 VXN-20 VXN-23
VXN25 VXN26 VXN36 VXN46 VXN55 VXN59 VXN84 VXN93 VXN108 VXN109
VXN-25 VXN-26 VXN-36 VXN-46 VXN-55 VXN-59 VXN-84 VXN-93 VXN-108 VXN-109
VXN115 VXN140 VXN145 VXN175 VXN185
VXN-115 VXN-140 VXN-145 VXN-175 VXN-185


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