Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger

Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger:


Scraped surface heat exchanger is suitable for almost any dilute fluid, viscous fluid or continuous and closed processing process of the industry. It can realize freezing, cooling, crystallization, stirring and mixing, aeration mixing, and plasticization of suspended mixtures, gelation, organization, chemical reaction control, polymerization, heating, evaporation, concentration, aseptic processing and other technological processes.


Due to the excellent heat transfer efficiency and the ability to handle various viscous fluids of this design, it is a wise choice when dealing with viscous fluids compared to tube and shell-type or plate heat exchangers.

Recommended Applications

Heat sensitive materials


Viscous materials

Materials with particles


Crystalline materials

Food and Meat products


Aseptic processing

Chemical process


Freeze lecithin-free


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