The adhesive used on the PHE gasket is usually mainly made of epoxy or butyl rubber. Unlike other applications, the adhesive does not rely on long-acting bond strength. Because once the plates are mounted up, gaskets are squeezed against the plates.

We recommend using “Two-Part Epoxy Adhesive SA7036” manufactured by 3M, or any adhesive that meets the standard below.


Limited for domestic product supply.

Product Features Performance Advantages Customer Benefits
Epoxy Chemistry High bond strength with cohesive failure mode on hot dipped galvanized (HDG) steel performance even on uncleaned steel
Two-Part Controlled reactivity; balance of longer open time before induction with fast lock-up after induction Broad handling and dispensing windows
Room temperature strength build; permits spot induction cure
Room temperature strength build; permits spot induction cure
Can be dispensed with commercially available dispensing systems
Wash out resistance
Final Heat Cure Broad over-bake tolerance
99+% Solids Reduced emissions/vapors/odor Low regulatory concern
Shelf Life At least six months

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