Hisaka Plate Heat Exchanger Gaskets & Plates

HFM supplies Hisaka plate heat exchanger gasket and plate replacements. Hisaka Model List as below.


EX- Series

EX11 EX15

LX- Series

LX00A slit-in LX10A slit-in LX20 LX30A slit-in LX40 LX50A slit-in
LX20A slit-in LX40A slit-in

RX- Series

RX11A slit-in RX13A slit-in RX30A slit-in RX70

SX- Series

SX41 SX43 SX90 SX90M

UX- Series

UX01 UX10 UX20 UX30 UX40 UX80 UX90 UX100
UX10A slit-in UX20A slit-in UX30A slit-in UX40A slit-in

YX- Series



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