Plate and Shell Heat Exchanger

Plate and Shell Heat Exchanger:

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Plate and shell heat exchanger is a new type of heat exchanger with a group of corrugated plates welded by laser or automatic plasma welding into the shell, instead of the heat exchange tubes of the original shell and tube heat exchanger, and the plate group as the heat transfer element It is mainly composed of two parts: plate group and shell. The cold-pressed plates are welded by laser or automatic plasma to form a plate group with two different medium flow channels. The A fluid passes through the plate side flow channel, and the B fluid passes through the shell side flow channel. It combines the advantages of plate and tube heat exchangers, making it more widely used in the field of heat exchange. Plate and shell heat exchangers are divided into two types: detachable and fully welded.


No Gasket Combined



High Temperature Resistance, High Pressure Resistance



High Heat Transfer Efficiency



Compact Structure: Light weight with Small Footprint

Basic Parameters:

Plate Materials:


Stainless Steel: 304L, 316L, 904L


Special Metals: 254SMO, Hastelloy 276, Titanium, Nickel200/201


Plate Thickness: 0.8mm-1.2mm



Design Parameters:


Design Pressure: Max 64bar


Design Temperature: -196~ 400℃

Plate& Shell-1200-300-1

Recommended Applications:



Oil & Gas

Energy Power







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