API Plate Heat Exchanger Gaskets & Plates

HFM supplies Sigma/ API/ Schmidt plate heat exchanger gasket and plate replacements.
Sigma Model List as below;


Sigma X Series & 7 Series

SX19 SX29 SX49 S7 S9 S17 S27 S37
Sigma X19 Sigma X29 Sigma X49 Sigma 7 Sigma 9 Sigma 17 Sigma 27 Sigma 37

Sigma 2 Series & V Series

S12 S16 S22 S32 S52 S45V S90V
Sigma 12 Sigma 16 Sigma 22 Sigma 32 Sigma 52 Star 45 Star 90

Sigma M Series & F Series

M27 M36 M37 M66 M76 M106 F45
Sigma M27 Sigma M36 Sigma M37 Sigma M66 Sigma M76 Sigma M106 Sigma F45

Sigma Z Series & Other Models

S30 S64 S65 S85 S108 S109 S138 S166 S38 S48 S60 S114
Sigma30 Sigma64 Sigma65 Sigma85 Sigma108 Sigma109 Sigma138 Sigma166 Sigma38 Sigma48 Sigma60 Sigma114


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