Fischer Plate Heat Exchanger Gaskets & Plates

Fischer Heat Exchangers Gaskets and Plate Spare Part

Fischer Heat Exchangers Gaskets and Plate Spare Parts

HFM is a leading provider of top-notch plate heat exchanger (PHE) services and spare parts, catering to a global clientele, regardless of the brand. Our HFM plate heat exchanger spare parts are designed to be of original equipment quality and are fully compatible with the original PHE, ensuring high performance and durability. Our comprehensive range of services includes supplying replacement parts for Fischer heat exchangers such as Fischer FP, E series, and other non-OEM models.


The plates are fabricated from premium-grade metals and precisely formed to ensure optimal thermal transfer efficiency. Meanwhile, the gaskets are made from the finest rubber materials, resulting in excellent sealing performance and long-lasting durability. At HFM, we take great pride in adhering to the highest standards of quality and safety.


We ensure that all of our products meet the rigorous requirements of GRG, FDA, and SGS certifications. Check out our Youtube Video for more information on the production processes of our plates and gaskets.


HFM’s PHE plate and gasket replacements are compatible with Fischer – FP & E and other series replacements.

Fischer FP and E-Series

FP7 E5 E6 E8 Frau27 E18 E18MF E18 Press In E20
FP-7 E-5 E-6 E-8 Frau-27 E-18 E-18MF E-18 Press in E-20

Other Fischer Models

E28 Press In E32 Fra 32 E40 E40 Press In E51 E61 E61 Press In E82 E100
E-28 Press In E-32 Fra 32 E-40 E-40 Press In E-51 E-61 E-61 Press In E-82 E-100

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