About Us

About HFM

We are a one-stop supplier of R&D, manufacturing, sales, heat exchange application technology and technical services in the field of heat transferring.

We are a creative team from China. We provide global users with professional heat exchange products, product design,application solutions, and high-quality and fast services.


Purpose & Philosophy

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Purpose & Philosophy

With our own product and technical advantages, we try our best to create value for global energy, environmental protection, carbon neutrality, and serve for customers in the shipping, HAVC, petrochemical, food and sanitation fields, and provide them with better heat exchange solutions.

Front Desk


How we Began

HFM has been established, focusing on the R&D and application of plate heat exchanger products.


One big step

HFM officially started to developing the global market, providing plate heat exchangers and full-brand spare parts services, and establishing a global marketing and service network.


Where we are

We have a complete service system, from products, to technology and after-sales service, as well as distributed warehousing logistics and financial services, covering 120 countries and regions around the world.

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Why Choose Us

We always put our customers’ needs first, and we attach importance to reputation of brand, being open-minded and creative.


“ HFM is certified ISO 9001,14005,45001,3A to ensure the
quality of all its products and services “

We have controllable quality and cost-effective products, professional and in-time response services, and an international team that can handle diversified customer requests.

Operation & Control