LHE Plate Heat Exchanger Gaskets & Plates

HFM offer all-brand plate heat exchanger service and replacement parts supply to global clients. The plates are made of high-quality metals and pressed in high accuracy to achieve the best thermal transfer efficiency. The gaskets are composed of the best rubber raw materials to make the best sealing effect and long lifetime.
HFM PHE gaskets and plates are for all HT series replacements.

LHE HT Range

HT-02 HT-03 HT-061 HT-062 HT-063 HT-064 HT-081 HT-082
DX1 DX2 DX3 DX4 DX5 DX17 DX6 DX7
HT-083 HT-101 HT-102 HT-103 HT-104 HT-121 HT-122 HT-123
HT083 HT101 HT102 HT103 HT104 HT121 HT122 HT123
HT-151 HT-152 HT-153 HT-154 HT-156 HT-201 HT-202 HT-203
HT151 HT152 HT153 HT154 HT156 HT201 HT202 HT203
HT-204 HT-206 HT-231 HT-232 HT-233 HT-234 HT-235 HT-301
HT204 HT206 HT231 HT232 HT233 HT234 HT235 HT301
HT-302 HT-303 HT-304 HT-305 HT-311 HT-312 HT-313 HT-314
HT302 HT303 HT304 HT305 HT311 HT312 HT313 HT314
HT-316 HT-351 HT-352 HT-353 HT-354 HT-356 HT-451 HT-452
HT316 HT351 HT352 HT353 HT354 HT356 HT451 HT452
HT-453 HT-454 HT-501 HT-502 HT-503
HT453 HT454 HT501 HT502 HT503

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