Sondex Plate Heat Exchanger Gaskets & Plates

HFM supplies Sondex plate heat exchanger gasket and plate replacements. Sondex Model List as below.



SonderLock, Hang-On, SonderSnap, and Glue

S4A S7A S8 S8A S14A S15 S19 S20 S20A S21A S22
S4-A S7-A S-8 S8-A S14-A S-15 S-19 S-20 S20-A S21-A S-22

S30 S35 S37 S38 S39 S43 S47 S50 S60
S-30 S-35 S-37 S-38 S-39 S-43 S-47 S-50 S-60

S61 S62 S64 S65 S72 S100 S121 S130 S152 S188
S-61 S-62 S-64 S-65 S-72 S-100 S-121 S-130 S-152 S-188



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