Free-flow Plate Heat Exchanger

Free-flow Plate Heat Exchanger:


The plate design of free-flow PHE is specialized in the zero metal contacting point in the medium’s passing through path and the entrance of inlet ports. Such design ensures there is no place for fibers or impurities to make adhesion or accumulation. The inlet port entrance design of distribution area ensures the PHE to get high level turbulence and improved efficiency.


Normally free-flow PHE plate’s gap is 5mm minimal to maximal 18mm, to meet the various operating conditions and achieve the best solution.

Free-flow plate heat exchanger is applied to Paper& Pulp, Sugar, Wastewater treatment and etc processing, in which the media contain fiber or impurities.


Plate materials: ss304/316 titanium etc.

Plate thickness: 0.8mm-1.2mm

Frame material: CS or CS coated cover with ss304/316

Gasket material: NBR EPDM etc.

Design pressure: Max 10bar

Design temperature: -20℃—180℃

Advantages of free-flow plate heat exchanger:

  1. No contacting point in-between plates, not easy to form obstacle
  2. Plate gap varies from 5 to 18mm, suitable for different operating conditions
  3. Easy for maintenance, disassemble and cleaning, simply open the PHE to perform mechanical cleaning
  4. Easy for expansion, simply open the PHE to add more plates to get larger heat transfer area
HFM Plate Heat Exchanger Plates

Recommended Applications:




Water Treatment

Application of Free Flow Plate Heat Exchanger

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