Plate Condenser

Plate Condenser

What is a Plate Condenser

A plate condenser, also known as a condenser heat exchanger or plate type condenser, is an essential component in evaporation or distillation systems operating under vacuum conditions. Using a semi-welding technique, this condenser comprises a specialized plate pack and gaskets. The cooling medium flows through a channel with a gasket, facilitating the warming process, while the steam condenses within the welded channel. Notably, the steam inlet is sizable, contrasted with a smaller outlet for efficient condensate drainage.


Plate condensers complement plate evaporators, offering an optimal solution for steam condensation across various industrial processes. They excel in condensing steam within syrup 3-effect evaporation systems, juice 3-effect evaporation systems, and multi-effect evaporation systems in the ethanol industry. Moreover, plate condensers find application as pan vapor condensers in sugar refineries and turbine condensers in small-scale power plants.


Plate condensers are increasingly deployed in diverse condensation scenarios due to their exceptional heat exchange efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and simplified maintenance operations. They provide a compact and efficient alternative to conventional indirect shell-and-tube condensers. Additionally, they are favored in direct condensation applications, especially where condensate recovery and space constraints are pivotal considerations.


Notably, plate condensers can be tailored to include or exclude condensate sub-cooling features. Non-condensable substances are efficiently expelled via the condensate outlet pipe, redirecting them back into the vacuum system.


A comprehensive understanding of plate condensers and their applications allows industries to optimize processes for enhanced efficiency and productivity.

Efficiency Redefined: Revolutionizing Condensation with HFM’s Plate Condenser

Experience unmatched condensation efficiency with HFM’s Plate Condenser. Crafted with precision engineering, our condenser maximizes heat exchange while ensuring leak-proof performance. Utilizing cutting-edge semi-welding technology, it efficiently condenses steam for various industries including food processing, beverage production, pharmaceuticals, and chemical manufacturing.


Upgrade your condensation systems today and achieve superior performance with HFM’s Plate Condenser. Elevate your operations to new heights with our innovative solutions, setting benchmarks in reliability and efficiency.


Unlock the full potential of your condensation processes with HFM’s Plate Condenser. Contact us now to discover how our advanced solutions can optimize your operations and drive success.

Plate Condenser

How Does a Plate Condenser Work

As same to Semi-Welded Plate Heat Exchanger, the sealing between the plates on the Condensor alternates between laser welds and gaskets.  It has a unique porthole configuration that is specifically designed for vacuum condensation. Vapour condenses in the welded channel and the cooling water passes through the gasketed channel.


The channel gap size is asymmetric with a larger gap on the vapor side and a smaller gap on the cooling water side. The result is a very low-pressure drop on the vapor side and high velocity and turbulence on the cooling water side. Together, these maximize heat transfer efficiency and minimize fouling.


Plate Condensers are easily accessible for inspection and mechanical cleaning by removing the tightening bolts and rolling back the pressure plate.  By adding or removing Plates the Plate Condenser can be modified to cope with changes in process conditions which with a Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger is not possible. 

Why Use HFM Plate Evaporator?

When it comes to optimizing your condensation processes, HFM’s Plate Condenser stands out as the ultimate solution. Engineered with precision and innovation, our condenser offers a host of advantages designed to address your industry-specific challenges effectively.

    • Optimized Porthole Configuration – Our Plate Condenser is ingeniously designed to maximize vacuum condensation efficiency. The specially crafted porthole configuration ensures optimal performance, facilitating seamless condensation processes across various applications.

    • Dual-Side Media with Variable Channel Gap Sizes – Featuring different channel gap sizes on each side, our condenser minimizes pressure drop while allowing for higher velocity and turbulence. This innovative design maximizes heat transfer efficiency and minimizes fouling, ensuring uninterrupted operation and enhanced productivity.

    • Certified Quality Assurance – At HFM, we prioritize quality and safety above all else. Our Plate Condenser undergoes rigorous testing to ensure compliance with the highest industry standards, including GRG, FDA, and SGS certifications. Trust in our commitment to delivering reliable and high-performance condensation solutions for your business needs.

    • Compact Welded Structure – With a compact welded structure, our Plate Condenser offers several advantages. Not only does it reduce equipment costs, but it also simplifies maintenance, saving valuable time and resources for your operations. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your condensation system is efficient, reliable, and cost-effective.

    • Effortless Installation – Equipped with a well-designed frame system, installation of our Plate Condenser is a breeze. Unlike traditional condensers that require heavy-duty tools, our system can be installed with ease using simple equipment. Say goodbye to complicated installation processes and hello to streamlined operations.

Plate Condenser

Structure of Plate Condenser

Gasketed, Non-glued gasket sealing


Hang-on frame design

Basic Parameters of Plate Condenser






Recommended Applications of Plate Condenser

Application of Multi-section Plate Heat Exchanger

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