Tranter Plate Heat Exchanger Gaskets & Plates

HFM offer all-brand plate heat exchanger service and replacement parts supply to global clients. The plates are made of high-quality metals and pressed in high accuracy to achieve the best thermal transfer efficiency. The gaskets are composed of the best rubber raw materials to make the best sealing effect and long lifetime.
HFM PHE gaskets and plates are for UX, UFX, S/TW/TD/GC, GM, GL, GX, GCD/GCP, UXP, GXP/GF/TW, GXD, HX, GFP/GLD/GLP and HXD/HXP series replacements.


Tranter UX-Series

UX-01 UX-05 / UX-06 06-T UX-10
UX-015 | UX-025 | UX-095 UX-056 | UX-066 | UX-076 06-T16 | 06-T26 | 06-T96 UX-115 | UX-125 | UX-195
UX-016 | UX-026 | UX-096 UX-058 | UX-068 | UX-078 06-T18 | 06-T28 | 06-T98 UX-116 | UX-126 | UX-196
UX01 UX05 | UX06| UX060 06-T10 | 06-T20 | 06-T90 UX10

11T UX-20 UX-40 UX-80 | UX-81 | UX-83
11-T UX-215 | UX-225 | UX-295 UX-415 | UX-425 | UX-495 UX-815 | UX-825 | UX-895
11 T UX-216 | UX-226 | UX-296 UX-416 | UX-426 | UX-496 UX-816 | UX-826 | UX-896
UX-218 | UX-228 | UX-298 UX-418 | UX-428 | UX-498 UX-836 | UX-846 | UX-886
UX216 | UX226 | UX296 | UX20 UX416 | UX426 | UX496 UX-818 | UX-828 | UX-898
UX215 | UX225 | UX295 UX415 | UX425 | UX495 UX-838 | UX-848 | UX-888


Tranter UFX-Series (also Reheat)

UFX-6 UFX-12 UFX-18 UFX-26 UFX-37 UFX-42 UFX-51 UFX-60 UFX-64
UFX-85 UFX-91 UFX-100 UFX-118 UFX-140 UFX-145 UFX-180 UFX-205
UFX85 UFX91 UFX100 UFX118 UFX140 UFX145 UFX180 UFX205

Tranter S/ SX/ TW/ TD/ GM Series

S3 S8 SX40 SX41 SX44 TW-05 TW-10 TW-18 TD-10 GM-010 GM-138 GM-257 GM-276 GM-56 GM-59
S-3 S-8 SX-40 SX-41 SX-44 TW05 TW10 TW18 TD10 GM010 GM138 GM257 GM276 GM56 GM59

Tranter GX-Series

GX-6 GX-12 GX-18 GX-26 GX-37 GX-42 GX-51 GX-60 GX-64 GX-85 GX-91 GX-100
GX-06 GX-012 GX-018 GX-026 GX-037 GX-048 GX-051 GX-060 GX-064 GX-085 GX-091 GX100
GX6 GX12 GX18 GX26 GX37 GX42 GX51 GX60 GX64 GX85 GX91 GX 100

Tranter GL-Series

GL-13 GL-085 GL-145 GL-152 GL-205
GL13 GL085 GL145 GL152 GL205

Tranter GC-Series

GC-12 GC-16 GC-30 GC-51 GC-54 GC-60 GC-65
GC12 GC16 GC30 GC51 GC54 GC60 GC65

Tranter GCD-Series and GCP-Series

GCD-006 GCD-012 GCD-030 GCD-054 GCD-055 GCD-065 GCP-026 GCP-030 GCP-051 GCP-060
GCD006 GCD012 GCD030 GCD054 GCD055 GCD065 GCP026 GCP030 GCP051 GCP060

Tranter UXP-Series

UXP-005 UXP-010 UXP-060 UXP-100 UXP-110 UXP-200 UXP-400 UXP-801 UXP-900 UXP-960
UXP005 UXP010 UXP060 UXP100 UXP110 UXP200 UXP400 UXP801 UXP900 UXP960

Tranter GXP-Series and GF-Series

GXP-018 GXP-026 GXP-037 GXP-042 GXP-051 GXP-118 GF-057 GF-097 GF-187
GXP018 GXP026 GXP037 GXP042 GXP051 GXP118 GF057 GF097 GF187

Tranter GXD-Series

GXD-006 GXD-012 GXD-018 GXD-026 GXD-037 GXD-042 GXD-051
GXD006 GXD012 GXD018 GXD026 GXD037 GXD042 GXD051
GXD-060 GXD-064 GXD-085 GXD-091 GXD-100 GXD-118 GXD-140
GXD060 GXD064 GXD085 GXD091 GXD100 GXD118 GXD140
GXD-145 GXD-180 GXD-205 GXD-265
GXD145 GXD180 GXD205 GXD265

Tranter HX-Series

HX-012 HX-025 HX-050 HX-085 HX-12 HX-180 HX-25 HX-50 HX-85 HX-145 HX-205
HX012 HX025 HX050 HX085 HX12 HX180 HX25 HX50 HX85 HX145 HX205

Tranter GF/ GFP/ GLD/ GLP/ TW Series

GFP-030 GFP-050 GFP-057 GFP-080 GFP-097 GFP-100 GFP-180 GFP-187 GLD-013 GLP-013
GFP030 GFP050 GFP057 GFP080 GFP097 GFP100 GFP180 GFP187 GLD013 GLP013
TW-05 TW-10 TW-18
TW05 TW10 TW18

Tranter HXD-Series and HXP-Series

HXD-012 HXD-025 HXD-050 HXD-085 HXD-145 HXD-180 HXP-050
HXD012 HXD025 HXD050 HXD085 HXD145 HXD180 HXP050


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