Plate Type Fresh Water Generator

Design Criteria

Based on the general design scheme, the Fresh Water Generator which mainly consists of an evaporator and a condenser, ejector equipped for vacuum, as well as relevant accessories for the system.
Furthermore the whole control system is to be designed as maker standard in according to our design purpose. Subject salinity meter is exclusively composed by maker, the design scheme include temperature compensation.
The system designed under rough sea condition. That is for 32℃ sea water and 80℃ cylinder jacket cooling water. Under such circumstance, the unit can reach distillate production capacity of 12 t/d. Each unit consists of an evaporator and a condenser installed in a same chamber.


Type Capacity(t/Day) Dimension(LxWxH mm) Weight(kg) Operation Weight(kg)
FWG-3 3 1240x1020x1130 400 550
FWG-5 5 1240x1020x1130 400 500
FWG-7 7 1240x1020x1130 420 570
FWG-8 8 1400x1050x1500 650 770
FWG-10 10 1400x1050x1500 660 780
FWG-12 12 1400x1050x1500 670 790
FWG-15 15 1700x1400x1700 830 1130
FWG-18 18 1700x1400x1700 840 1150
FWG-20 20 1700x1400x1700 850 1160
FWG-25 25 1700x1400x1700 870 1190
FWG-30 30 1700x1500x1700 920 1280
FWG-35 35 1750x2460x2000 1320 1560
FWG-40 40 1750x2760x2000 1430 1680


Plate Type Fresh Water Generator mainly consists of evaporating, condensing chamber, ejector equipped to achieve
vacuum, fresh water pump for delivering distilled water to storage tank. Heat exchanger is made of titanium. It’s
an energy-saving device because of using jacket water heat and lower boiling point of water in vacuum.
– High quality titanic plate for evaporator and condenser
– Highly compatible to variety heating sources as jacket water, steam and thermal oil
– Control cabinet with specialized salinity meter
– No moving part, less maintenance

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