About Us

About HFM Plate Heat Exchanger

Global brand of plate heat exchanger and fluid handling equipment supply platform.

Established in 1988

HFM was established in background of China world manufacturing factory, industrial E-commerce business, and keep growing in the wave of global supply chain reconstruction and domestic innovation revolution.
Nowadays, HFM is developing into a global industrial equipment supply platform, provide our products and services to more users. We have provide our quality and sustainable solutions and services across 7 continents for more than 35 years.


Our Competitiveness

● Mature and improved global manufacturing and supplying.
● Experienced and knowledgeable global service teams.
● Big-Data and application scenario based on engineering team.
● Zero-time difference response professional sales team.
● Innovative IT development management for digital economy.

Our Competitiveness

HFM bear in mind the ``client-value``, we aim to become the priority choice to the industrial clients in the following aspects:

● One-stop platform of plate heat exchangers and fluid handling equipment and PHE spare parts purchase
● Exclusive trouble shooter of all plate heat exchangers with international professional maintenance services
● Self-help and library-functioned database of plate heat exchanger applications and calculation tools
● Point-to-point local and global stock within-day or next-day distribution

Front Desk


How we Began

HFM has been established, focusing on the R&D and application of plate heat exchanger products.


One big step

HFM officially started to developing the global market, providing plate heat exchangers and full-brand spare parts services, and establishing a global marketing and service network.


Where we are

We have a complete service system, from products, to technology and after-sales service, as well as distributed warehousing logistics and financial services, covering 120 countries and regions around the world.

Grow your business with us, since 1988.
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Who Trust Us

We have gained the Trust of our clients all around the world.

By providing high-quality products and services to users in various industries on a consistent basis, HFM Plate Heat Exchanger has become a more reliable partner for cooperation.


● Certified ISO 9001/14005/45001/3A
● Quality Ensured of all Products and Services

We deliver our controllable quality and cost-effective products, prompt response and professional services through an international team capable of handling a diverse range of customer requests.

Operation & Control
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