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HFM Plate Heat Exchanger

About HFM

Global Heat Exchanger Manufacturer and Supplier


Hofmann (HFM) is a worldwide engineering, heat exchanger manufacturer and supplier, serving a wide variety of processing, cooling, and heating applications. Since 1998, HFM has kept growing in the wave of global supply chain reconstruction, the domestic innovation revolution, and the rise of industrial e-commerce businesses.


With over 20 years’ professional experience in the heat transfer area, we provide a complete service system, from products to technology and after-sales service, as well as distributed warehousing, logistics, and financial services, covering more than 110 countries and regions around the world. Today, we supply different types of heat exchangers across all continents, to more than 38 countries including USA, UK, Brazil, India, UAE, Malaysia and many more.

Our Purpose

HFM bears “client-value” in mind and aims to become the priority choice for industrial clients in the following aspects:


• Point-to-point local and global stock within-day or next-day distribution


• Database of plate heat exchanger applications and calculation tools


• Exclusive trouble shooter of all plate heat exchangers with professional maintenance services


One-stop platform for plate heat exchangers, PHE spare parts, and fluid handling equipment purchases

HFM Plate Heat Exchanger

HFM Plate Heat Exchanger

Our Competitiveness

• Experienced global PHE service provider


• Zero-time difference response sales team


• Mature global manufacturing and supply chains


• Innovative IT and big-data development management

History of HFM


How We Began

As the predecessor of HFM, Greenleading was established to promote plate heat exchanger (PHE) business in China, focusing on the R&D and application of plate heat exchanger products.



Continuous Growth

Greenleading was authorized by Germany GEA as its China assembly factory and was leading for three years in sales market share in the power energy industry.



One Giant Leap

BOEN & HFM was registered and established based on the technical design capability and experience in various industries.




HFM started its oversea market 2B and 2C development based on e-commerce business, provided plate heat exchangers and full-brand spare parts services, and established a global marketing and service network.



Towards a Brighter Future

HFM is blueprinted as a one-stop plate heat exchanger company with strong potential to connect more deeply, either on products or the industry database.

HFM Plate Heat Exchanger Manufacturer

HFM Plate Heat Exchanger Supplier

Who Admits Us?

Devoted to becoming a global plate heat exchanger supplier recognized for excellence, HFM places utmost importance on attaining international quality certifications. We uphold stringent control measures throughout our production procedures, leaving no room for compromise, to guarantee that our customers receive nothing short of the best-quality products.


We are resolute in our commitment to consistently meet and exceed industry standards, and our diverse range of certifications, including 3A, ISO, CE, BV, SGS, and others, further validate our unwavering dedication to quality.

HFM Plate Heat Exchanger Supplier Certificate

Who Trusts Us?

We have gained the trust of our clients all around the world. By providing high-quality products and services to users in various industries on a consistent basis, HFM Plate Heat Exchanger is known as a reliable partner for cooperation.