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HFM Plate Heat Exchanger

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Hofmann (Beijing) Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. (HFM), founded in the 1990s, has been deeply rooted in the heat exchange industry for over 3 decades. Keeping pace with the era is a consistent belief of HFM, while we are always embracing new technologies. HFM combining technologies of heat exchanger and the internet, has now become a global industry leader in heat exchange industry, with our innovative global supply chain, advanced and professional production capacity, and the outstanding thermal technology services.

With years of experience deep in the heat exchange industry, HFM has strong capabilities for industrial solutions and delivery ability for complex technical processes. We are able to provide a wide range of services, including all kinds of fluid handling, for more than 20 different heat exchange related applications. Relying on the strong manufacturing advantages of Made in China, HFM has built a global industrial cross-border e-commerce platform, providing one-stop heat exchange equipment supply for 110+ countries and regions by integrating manufacturing, technology and marketing together all over the world.


Embracing new technologies and keeping pace with the era, it is the purpose of HFM development. HFM takes the lead in embracing international technologies in the traditional heat exchange field, innovatively and also deeply integrate heat exchange with big data. Utilizing scientific and intelligent data to optimize the product design and service process, HFM provides customized services to customers.


HFM is a traditional manufacturing company with glorious history, moreover, we are a modern energy-technology solving company in step with time.


HFM, keep pace with the era.

Who Trusts Us?

We have gained the trust of our clients all around the world. By providing high-quality products and services to users in various industries on a consistent basis, HFM Plate Heat Exchanger is known as a reliable partner for cooperation.

HFM Plate Heat Exchanger Manufacturer

Our Mission

Provide one-stop heat exchange solutions to meet the needs of global users in the field of heat exchange


We offer comprehensive heat exchange solutions tailored to the diverse needs of users worldwide within the field of heat exchange. Whether it’s designing, manufacturing, or implementing heat exchange systems, we are committed to delivering a one-stop solution that exceeds expectations and addresses the unique requirements of each customer.

Our Vision

Committed to global heat exchange innovation and sustainability


Determined to lead the innovation of the global heat exchange industry, broaden the boundary of the heat exchange market, empower traditional manufacturing with digital technology, to become the global authority in the field of plate heat exchange, and commit to sustainable development of green ecology.

HFM Plate Heat Exchanger Supplier

Our Value

At HFM, we’re more than just a heat exchange solution provider; we’re innovators, strategists, and partners in your success. Our commitment to innovation, intelligent operations, and exceptional customer experience sets us apart, ensuring tailored solutions and unparalleled service for every client.

Maintain Innovation

Keep pace with the era, constantly explore the latest technical fields, and try to combine them with heat exchange technology. With tools such as AI and big data, heat transfer solutions are custom-designed to each customer, ensuring the perfect match between demand and performance.

Intelligent Operation

Through the data management system, real-time analysis of market data, optimize productivity and inventory management, and improve operational efficiency.

Customer Experience

Committed to improving customer experience, through instant technical support and online response services, to provide global customers with one-stop quality service.

Who Admits Us?

Devoted to becoming a global plate heat exchanger supplier recognized for excellence, HFM places utmost importance on attaining international quality certifications. We uphold stringent control measures throughout our production procedures, leaving no room for compromise, to guarantee that our customers receive nothing short of the best-quality products.


We are resolute in our commitment to consistently meet and exceed industry standards, and our diverse range of certifications, including 3A, ISO, CE, BV, SGS, and others, further validate our unwavering dedication to quality.

HFM Plate Heat Exchanger Supplier Certificate

History of HFM


How We Began

As the predecessor of HFM, Greenleading was established to promote plate heat exchanger (PHE) business in China, focusing on the R&D and application of plate heat exchanger products.



Continuous Growth

Greenleading was authorized by Germany GEA as its China assembly factory and was leading for three years in sales market share in the power energy industry.



One Giant Leap

BOEN & HFM was registered and established based on the technical design capability and experience in various industries.




HFM started its oversea market 2B and 2C development based on e-commerce business, provided plate heat exchangers and full-brand spare parts services, and established a global marketing and service network.



Towards a Brighter Future

HFM is blueprinted as a one-stop plate heat exchanger company with strong potential to connect more deeply, either on products or the industry database.

HFM Plate Heat Exchanger Manufacturer

HFM Plate Heat Exchanger Supplier

HFM Plate Heat Exchanger

HFM Plate Heat Exchanger

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