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Heat transfer efficiency optimization(IoT)

The Hx-IoT Box developed by HFM utilizes the Internet of Things technology to realize remote-monitoring of equipment & operation data, combined with big data technology, to realize equipment operation status judgment, parameter sensing and prediction, and form clear operation and maintenance processing opinions to facilitate the heat exchange unit in actual operation and maintenance use.


Features of Hx-IoT Box

  1. Independent cloud platform to store data:

The cloud-platform-Saas structure protects users’ data security. Users do not need to deploy servers, which reduces costs (private cloud version can be customized)


  1. High-precision data collection

Using international brand high-precision sensors, the collection accuracy can reach ±0.2℃, and the pressure can reach…


  1. Strong adaptability

It adopts low power consumption design, waterproof and moisture-proof box design with independent network, which can adapt to more on-site environments.


  1. Integration and compatibility

On-site digital panel display data, mobile phone remote synchronization data and data panel analysis.


BOX’s data analysis:


The advanced feature of the HX cloud platform is the use of big data and algorithms to provide professional analysis of operational data, which can help users better manage equipment operations and achieve the ultimate goal of energy-saving and consumption reduction.


Other versions:

Due to different data accuracy and specific working conditions, we provide different versions of customized development work.