Chemical cleaning is a chemical reaction generated by a chemical cleaning liquid to dissolve or peel off the scale and other deposits on the surface of the heat transfer plate of PHE.

Chemical cleaning does not require disassembly of the plate heat exchanger, which simplifies the cleaning process and reduces cleaning labour. Because the plate corrugation can promote the violent turbulence of the cleaning fluid and help dissolve the scale layer, the chemical cleaning method is ideal.

But the improper detergent will corrode and damage the substrate of the cleaning object and cause losses. Choose right detergent based on the material of the object.

Based on the mechanism of fouling, it could be categorized into six types-

The vernier caliper is a gauge for measuring length, internal and external diameter and depth. The vernier caliper consists of two parts: the main ruler and the sliding vernier attached to the main ruler. The main ruler is generally in millimeters, and there are 10,20 or 50 divisions on the vernier.


According to the different divisions, vernier caliper can be divided into tenths vernier calipers, twenty degrees vernier calipers, fifty degrees vernier calipers, etc. The vernier is 9mm for 10 divisions, 19mm for 20 divisions, and 49mm for 50 divisions. There are two pairs of movable measuring claws on the main ruler and the sliding vernier named the inner measuring claws and outer measuring claws, that inner measuring claws are usually used to measure the inner diameter, and the outer measuring claws are usually used to measure the length and outer diameter.


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