PHE Supply Chain Finance


HFM’s Supply Chain Financial Services (HFM SCF) relies on multiple international credit reporting agencies, including Bank Credit, Commercial Insurance and International-Settlement Agencies. PHE Supply Chain Finance provides customers with small-scale loan services for orders, as well as exclusive logistics services, and warehousing services.

As one of heat exchanger experts in the industry,  Hofmann commits to provide qualified products and technical services to clients all over the world. With the advancement of globalization, Hofmann has bounded with large-end customers and SMEs deeply. 

Combining creative integration with services, commodity supplies, in-time response and market insights, HFM digs into clients’ needs accurately and matched with suitable solutions through commercial cooperation.


HFM provides special financial support for our VIP clients. Here is the infos we need to know:


Buyer’s name/Country/Address

Registration number 

Telephone/Tax number



Letter of Credit


Online Inventory Network

Flexible Payment in Installments


Online Paypal Micropayment

Bank Guarantee


HFM Credit Deferred Payment


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