Heat Exchange Unit for the Shandong Chenming Paper Group

HFM Plate Heat Exchanger Beijing Huamao Center Office of HVAC Development Project
August 27, 2020

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Hofmann provide OMSA-type constant pressure heat exchange unit for the Shandong Chenming Paper Group.


Chenming Group is China’s leading papermaking enterprises; the world’s top 10 paper companies, and top 500 Chinese enterprises. Since the company was founded in 1958, after more than half a century of development, now become a papermaking, finance, pulp, real estate, mining five major industrial sectors as the main body, at the same time is involved in forestry, logistics, building materials and other areas of large enterprise groups. They to build green ecology, sustainable development of world-class paper-making enterprises for the purpose of production, can build such a scale relying on fine paper and good faith to return to society.

With its extensive experience in various industries, Hofmann (HFM) Company has provided condensers and plate heat exchangers for Shandong Chenming Paper Group. This is a good example of a typical engineering project for the production of paper.

Project Name: 

Shandong Chenming Paper Group Co., Ltd. Annual output of 98,000 tons of high-grade tissue paper project

Project scale:

Chenming Group is the first company in the paper industry to have both financial companies and financial leasing companies. It is the only listed company of A, B and H in China, the top 100 Chinese listed companies and one of the 50 blue-chip companies. The company has won the National May 1 Labor Certificate, the top ten enterprises in the light industry, China Enterprise Management Outstanding Contribution Award, the national spiritual civilization advanced units and has more than 200 honorary titles above provincial level. The main indicators of economic performance maintain a leading position in the same industry for 20 consecutive years.

The company now has the world’s largest, most advanced technology and equipment of the pulp and paper integration projects and dozens of international cutting-edge level of pulp and paper production line. The product gradually formed high-grade offset paper, coated paper, white cardboard, light weight coated paper, life paper, electrostatic copy paper, thermal paper, glassine paper as the leading factor of the eight series of high middle-grade and product structure.

Specific application:

The heat exchanger unit provided by Hofmann (HFM) is OMSA-type constant pressure heat exchanger unit for the Shandong Chenming Paper.This heat exchanger unit is the complete sets of equipment in the heat transfer, circulation, filtration, anti-fouling, constant pressure and electrical control and many other functions in thermal station system. This unit not only contains a full set of equipment in the general heat station, but also contains constant pressure water supply facilities. Intelligent constant pressure device can effectively solve corrosion problem about the air to the closed heating water circulation system pipeline; extend the service life of the system piping, maximize the exhaust air even at the highest and most complex places.

Intelligent constant pressure device has a computer automatic control, with high technical content, small the device shape, so the composition of the unit shape is not large, which is the characteristics of the unit lies. All the relevant equipments are intensively combined, not only to cover small area, but easy to observe, maintenance overhaul.

Project meaning:

Hofmann (HFM) has always been committed to providing customers with heat exchange solutions to meet their needs. And their rich plate exchange products (including plate heat exchanger and units) and professional technical team provide customers with a good soft hardware support. The OMSA constant pressure heat exchanger unit is used in papermaking condensation and heat exchange system. It provides a perfect system of plate heat exchanger, pipeline, pump, valve and electronic control for Shandong Chenming Paper Co., Ltd., so that the production process becomes safe and reliable. Hofmann (HFM) on the plate for the quality of excellence solves worries for the long-term operation of the paper system.