October 18, 2021

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Marine Plate Coolers

The marine plate coolers are installed in the engine room to cool down the lube oil and in the loop of freshwater generation. To resist the corrosion of seawater, the metal plates are made of Gr1 titanium which is the high value of a plate cooler. HFM supports high-quality raw material manufactured plate heat exchangers

October 11, 2021

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Plate Heat Exchanger For Yeast Application

HFM received feedback from a yeast production factory in South America recently. They ran an equipment operation audit test, which was very successful. From 2017, HFM continually supplied complete plate heat exchanger units to cool down the bread/baker yeast with water for this client and provided high-quality all-brand plate heat exchanger replacement spares to keep

September 28, 2021

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In the HVAC and Refrigeration, the brazed plate heat exchanger deals with the water and refrigerant in the closed-loop system. The BPHE for HVAC is applied as evaporator and condenser and constructed with a brazed plate pack to form the efficient heat transfer area. The commonly used refrigerant are R134A, R407C, R410A. HFM supplies the

September 26, 2021

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IoT technology aims to provide predictable performance alarm of PHE’s downtime through monitoring the real-time temperatures and flow rates. IOT in PHE is designed to be installed with the plate heat exchanger or valve in the piping system, which has good temperature sensitivity or flow rate change. For the site location in basement or outdoor,

September 22, 2021

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PHE Offloading Your Burden

The global machinery manufacturing industry meet the challenge of raw material price rising and global cargo vessel sea freight pressure. In the processing line of the plants, HFM helps the manufacturers to lower the operation cost of the plate heat exchanger maintenance. The all-brand plate heat exchanger service experience and replacement spare parts supply are

September 17, 2021

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Site Service

The Middle-Autumn Festival is coming. Before the holiday season, our site service team went to the client factory to do the regular maintenance job. In this site service, the plate heat exchanger is used to cool down the waste fermented liquid before entering into the reaction tank in the system. After some time’s operating, particles

September 15, 2021

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Solar Energy Utilization:Plate Heat Exchanger Application

Solar energy utilization is now a hot topic in global energy consumption and development. Wind and solar are the most popular sort of clean nature energy in most countries of new energy development plan. Solar panel factories are constructed worldwide to support this form of new clean energy utilization of turning sunlight into energy. HFM

September 09, 2021

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Plate Heat Exchanger On Waste Utilization

The world is turning to a cleaner and more eco-friendly one now. New energy development is one way to replace the more polutionious energy, and plate heat exchanger on waste utilization is also a way to save energy. Waste gas, wastewater, and waste materials are the main components of the waste world. Plate heat exchangers

September 07, 2021

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Economical and Efficient Solution For Fertilizer Manufacturing

The world is conquering food poverty and water impurity to offer a safe and clean grow-up environment. One way is utilizing the fertilizer to nurture the soil and further enhance the production capacity of earth crops. The most common fertilizer ingredient is nitrogen fertilizer. In the process of fertilizer manufacturing, special metal plates to resist

September 02, 2021

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HFM global distribution network are set up for our partners.

The digitalization in industrial equipment supply world widely enter into a high accelerated time, not only in the manufacturing stage, but also in the after-sales service stage. The predictable maintenance preparation for the user of plate heat exchanger is a way to shorten the downtime. Meanwhile the global purchase delayed by the logistics problem of