HFM PHE Service in ZhangBei Data Centre

HFM Plate Heat Exchanger Service in ZhangBei Data Centre
September 23, 2022

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This a plate heat exchanger centre cooler unit in Zhangbei Cloud Data Centre. Dissembling, cleaning and reassembling just cost 1 day by HFM PHE service team.

The Beijing Tianjin Hebei region is an important economic development city cluster in China. Rapid urban construction and development have increasingly highlighted the demand for large-scale data centers, and the efficiency requirements of data centers are crucial for their safe and smooth operation, thus ensuring the normal operation of the city. The Beijing Tianjin Hebei region has used the natural advantages of cold and windy Zhangbei region to combine wind with cold water and cold water to solve the cooling efficiency requirements for data centers.

Gasketed plate heat exchanger’s temperature bearing range is between -40-180℃, which is depending on gasket material. It’s qualified of the process of heat exchanging and waste heat recovery in data centre. Its volume capability is variable by simple increase or decrease the number of the plates.