Plate Heat Exchanger on Yeast Industry

HFM Plate Heat Exchanger Solution for Yeast
November 02, 2021

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This is one of our service scenes from a baking yeast customer in Peru. Yeast is usually produced in an aerobic environment by fermenting molasses and other nutrients. The fermentation temperature is usually controlled between 25-40°C. And in this case, the out temperature has to be controlled at precise 30°C. Given the viscosity of molasses is relatively high, we recommend 4mm deep plates for molasses sterilization.

HFM has been dedicated to providing highly efficient plate heat exchangers for our customers in the food, HVAC, petroleum industry, etc. including the yeast industry.

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Baker Yeast/ Hot Water / Cold
Actual volume flow m³/h 400 530
Pressure drop mbar 97 119
Temperature inlet/ outlet ℃ 34/ 30 28/ 31
Heat transfer area m² 276