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Power Plant Solution
May 27, 2021

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1.Application of Plate Heat Exchanger in Blast Furnace Gas Combined Power Plant

In order to reduce the emissions of coal gas emissions to achieve the purpose of energy saving and environmental protection, you can use blast furnace gas combined cycle power generation equipment for blast furnace gas recycling. The remaining waste heat steam from steam turbine power generation is cooled through the plate heat exchanger and then flow into the waste heat boiler through the feed pump, after generate steam, and then enter the steam turbine to generate electricity, to achieve the purpose of circulating water. Hofmann plate heat exchangers are not only to meet the requirements of the conditions, but also has a compact structure, small size, high heat transfer coefficient, high heat transfer characteristics, which is your best choice in this condition.

2. Process Flow Diagram of Thermal Power Plant

Applications of plate heat exchanger

Oil cooler of gasoline engine: tubular oil cooler. Working principle: water flows from the water chamber into the steel pipe while the oil flows within the shell and outside the tube bundle. Water and oil exchange heat through the pipe wall.

Condenser: it is equipped with a large number of copper pipes. When the exhaust steam from the turbine contacts with outer surface of the pipe, it is cooled down by the circulating cooling water in the pipe, releases latent heat of vaporization which is continuously taken away through the pipe wall and turns into condensation water.

High pressure heater: surface heat exchanger, which is a mixing heater connected to the high-pressure feed pump and used to heat up the feedwater and improve economic efficiency. The heater inside is covered with slim tubes, with boiler feed water and condensation water inside and oil gas extracted from the turbine. Through heat transfer, the temperature of the feed water and condensation water increases while the oil gas is condensed into water extraction and renders hydrophobic, which of the high-pressure heaters generally flows into the high-pressure deaerator and which of the-low pressure heater is pumped into condenser by the drainage pump.

Low-pressure heater: it is connected to the sealing heater and used to heat up the condensation water in the high-pressure deaerator and improve economic efficiency.