HFM's plate heat exchanger used for steel blast furnace cooling

HFM’s plate heat exchanger used for steel blast furnace cooling
August 27, 2020

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HFM provided plate heat exchangers for ​Hengyang Valin Continuous Rolling Pipe Co., Ltd. in the steel blast furnace cooling.


China Metallurgical Engineering Technology co., LTD. Is a large state-owned technology company controlled by China metallurgical corporation (MCC), the world’s top 500 enterprise, which is a steel engineering technology company with market-oriented, designed as a leader, combined technology, equipment with technical services and based on the core product system.

Hengyang Valin Continuous Rolling Pipe Co., Ltd. owned by China Metallurgical Caidi Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.’s business scope includes the production and sale of seamless steel pipe; production of various billets, steel and rolling products and self-selling.

Hofmann has a wealth of experience in steel smelting, whose excellent quality products have acttracted Hengyang Valin Continuous Rolling Pipe Co., Ltd., used for its soft water system in the engineering of the company’s blast furnace.

Project Name: 

Hengyang Valin Continuous Rolling Pipe Co., Ltd. Blast furnace,

 raw material field project

Project size:

Hengyang Valin Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. (referred to Henggang) subordinated to Hunan Valin Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., which is established in 1958, and the most advanced manufacturer of the most advanced models of seamless steel tube industry in the world. The production scale is ranked fifth in the world by metal guide. The export exchange rate is the first in the country for more than 10 years. It is one of 45 national steel specification enterprises firstly reviewed by Steel Industry Specification Condition promulgated by ministry of industry in which there are 4000 staffs with total 14.3 billion Yuan assets.

Henggang can produce 1.2 million tons of steel tubes annually and has specialized production process of iron, steel, pipe, deep processing. Now it is able to produce various seamless steel tubes with 6-800mm diameter, 1.5-120mm wall thickness to create oil and gas pipes, pressure vessel tubes, mechanical processing tube three high-quality products and HS products with a series of independent intellectual property rights.

Specific application:

The application of Hofmann’s plate heat exchangers in the high furnace raw material field project of Hengyang Valin Continuous Rolling Pipe Co., Ltd. is mainly embodied in the soft water cooling system.

The basic principles of blast furnace soft water cooling of are: low temperature of a water (soft water) were sent through pumps to the bottom of the furnace, cooling wall, tuyere, straight blow pipe, hot air valve, reflux valve, small hot air valve for its cooling use. While cooling the blast furnace components, the temperature of the primary water itself rises, so that it is cooled by the evaporative heat exchanger to reduce its temperature and then pumped to the blast furnace for recycling. The secondary water (net circulating water) is pumped to the evaporative heat exchanger to cool the primary water and its own temperature rises, and then the temperature is reduced by the use of a mechanical ventilation cooling tower.

Project meaning:

Furnace water system is the necessary facilities to protect the blast furnace ironmaking equipment, the pursuit of low energy consumption of water system and high reliability are the eternal subject. Using Hofmann’s high-temperature blast furnace soft water cooling system, made the blast furnace longevity, low consumption of significant results.

Hofmann has been committed to how to better use soft water heat transfer systems and equipment to ensure the life of the blast furnace and safe operation. Hofmann for its experience in the field of blast furnace ironmaking strives for each metallurgical enterprises to provide the best quality soft water heat transfer systems and equipment.