Beijing Olympic Park National Conference Center HVAC Project

HFM Plate Heat Exchanger Solution Beijing Olympic Park National Conference Center HVAC Project
August 27, 2020

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NT series of plate heat exchanger provided by Hofmann are used in refrigeration room.


National Convention Center in Olympic Park (B) District project is one of the Olympic projects approved by the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission. The National Convention Center, an eight-storey building with nearly 400 meters of long building, is located in the north of the Bird’s Nest and Water Cube. During the 2008 Olympic Games, it is consist of the fencing hall and the International Broadcast Center.

It is so-called good horse with a good saddle. An important national project must be equipped with excellent supporting aids to meet the guests around the world. As a well-known heat exchanger company – Hofmann (HFM) has the strength to provide matching heat transfer technology and equipment for National Convention Center to ensure the entire building comfortable environment, so that the world will leave a good impression on Beijing Olympics.

Project Name: 

Beijing Olympic Park (B District) National Conference Center HVAC Project – Refrigeration Room Plate Heat Exchanger Supply Project

Project scale:

During the Olympic Games, this project will undertake International Broadcasting Center (IBC) and fencing, modern five fencing, air pistol and other projects. After the Olympic Games, it will be a major conference center for international conferences and comprehensive exhibition activities in Beijing, with 270,000 square meters construction scale, 150,000 square meters on the ground, 120,000 square meters underground.

After the Olympic Games, after more than a year of transformation, the National Convention Center has been put into operation. Seven years have passed, and countless brilliant achievements have been created. The former Olympic venues with impressive achievements, is becoming the industry top brand in China and Asia. A large number of international influenced meeting and exhibition projects successively held in the National Convention Center, which shows multi-platform, complex and high-quality comprehensive strength to the world, and has created good economic and social benefits.

Specific application:

In the course of the National Convention Center, during the game as the broadcast center of the International Broadcasting Center (IBC) of the Olympic Games (the workplace of the 2008 Olympic Games broadcast), after the game as a national conference center, the control of engineering quality and the actual use effect are quite high.

The entire building of the cooling room uses heat exchange solution and the NT series of plate heat exchanger to solve the cooling problem provided by Hofmann (HFM). The plate heat exchanger equipment supply project can support the whole building’s refrigeration system.

Hofmann (HFM) heat transfer technology has a wide range of applications in various industries, including refrigeration and heat transfer, not only for building refrigeration heat transfer services, but also for a variety of heat transfer needs in high-tech production line process. Hofmann (HFM)’s heat exchange solution offers customized heat exchange solutions based on the customer’s actual requirements. The plate heat exchange products made by Hofmann (HFM)’s various plates can meet the heat transfer needs in most areas.

Project meaning:

Hofmann (HFM) is committed to provide more efficient heat transfer services, the same for creating more energy-saving heat transfer services for buildings.

At the same time to provide plate heat exchangers for the National Convention Center project also shows the Hofmann (HFM) heat exchange program and heat exchange equipment having high reputation and recognition in the industry. The Hofmann (HFM) has the strength to undertake such a large project and also wants to provide heat exchange services for more large projects.