Recycled Water Cycle Heat Pump in Olympic Village

HFM Plate Heat Exchanger Solution Recycled Water Cycle Heat Pump in Olympic Village
August 27, 2020

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Hofmann’s NT series plate heat exchanger units provide a comfortable living environment for Olympic Village.


2008 Olympic Games is praised as “the best Olympic Games in all the Olympic Games and in the future very few people can do this” by the International Olympic Committee former chairman Samaranch. The success of the 2008 Olympic Games is inseparable from hosting the city – Beijing with the thousands of details of the excellence. It is in line with the requirements of Hofmann (HFM) Company’s heat exchange scheme and heat exchanger quality.

Olympic Village is located in the north end of Beijing’s north-south axis. As an area of rest and recreation for athletes and members of the various countries and regions, it needs a suitable temperature environment; Hofmann (HFM)’s heat exchangers can meet this demand. In the field of heating and cooling field, Hofmann (HFM) has a wide range of heat transfer experience, has ability and confidence to provide a comfortable living environment for the Olympic Village.

Project Name:

The Cold and Heat Source Project of Recycled Water Cycle Heat Pump

in Olympic Village

Project scale:

Olympic Village as the main residence of athletes and members of various countries and regions is responsible for all the Olympic and Paralympic athletes, officials in accommodation, catering, entertainment, leisure and other services. It is also the venue for countries and regional athletes to focus on international communication and recreational activities.

Olympic Village is officially opened in July 27, 2008, closed in August 27, 2008. The whole village is divided into three areas: residential area, international area and operating areas, namely, the delegation living area, the area of providing commercial services and other activities, and the logistics and transportation area.

Specific application:

Olympic athletes’ apartments are the 6-storey in No.22 building and 9-storey in No.20 building, with the same buildings architectural style. Per capita living area reaches more than 22 square meters, and there are some auxiliary facilities. These buildings need appropriate temperature then can make the athletes have comfortable living experience, so the use of renewable water heat pump cold heat source to meet winter heating and summer cooling needs for Olympic Village.

Recycled Water Heat Pump of the Beijing Olympic Village project uses sewage from the Qinghe Sewage Treatment Plant as a source of water. Through water intaking, water receding, heat exchange, heat transfer water transport system and the hot and cold water preparation and transportation system in the Olympic Village, it provides cold and heat source for air conditioning system during the game, and the core equipment of this heat pump system is the plate heat exchanger provided by Hofmann (HFM).

Hofmann (HFM) provided the plate heat exchanger is NT series for Olympic Village. NT series is the German company GEA Ecoflex nearly five years by the use of heat transfer technology developed a new type of plate heat exchanger. The equipment heat transfer zone uses different flow channel width; so that the liquid can be distributed more evenly and heat transfer effect is better. At the same time, the flow rate between the plates is high, so that the turbulence can be formed between the plates, and the impurities are not easily deposited on the plates.

Project Meaning

Hofmann (HFM) NT series heat exchanger units provide one-stop heat transfer services for the newly built Olympic Village. For heat transfer applications of low-grade renewable water waste heat turned into building heating and refrigeration new energy, high heat transfer efficiency of Hofmann (HFM)’s plate heat exchangers can further improve energy efficiency, reduce operational energy consumption, resulting in greater economic value.

At the same time providing plate heat exchangers for the Olympic Village project also shows Hofmann (HFM)s’ heat transfer scheme and heat exchange equipment in the industry having a high reputation and recognition. The Hofmann (HFM) has the strength to undertake such a large project and also wants to offer heat exchange services for more large projects.