Plate Heat Exchanger for Pasteurization

HFM Sanitary Plate Heat Exchanger Solution for Pasteurization
November 15, 2021

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Pasteurization is a key process in the modern food and beverage industry. It’s not only for drink safety but also can optimize the flavour and taste of the material. Almost every drinking food, like milk, juice, and alcoholic/ non-alcoholic drinks, plate heat exchanger design for pasteurization is highly efficient and reliable. HFM received one of the alcoholic client’s requests for the plate pasteurizer design. The original requirement on the pasteurization process is as following”The 45,000 L/h of pasteurized mash molasses, we require it to cool to 32 °C, and we will use cooling water at 28 °C at a flow rate of 60,000 L/h.”
After knowing the mash molasses viscosity and other specifications, the HFM engineering team designed a 4-section plate pasteurizer, in free flow plate type, which is designed for fluids with high viscosity or fibrous content.

section1 pasteurization stage
The fermented mash molasses was heated up by the steam from 80℃ to 105℃
section2 regeneration stage
the other side heated up the fermented mash molasses on one side from 30℃ to 80℃,at the meanwhile the other side was cooled from 105℃ down to 55.95℃
section3 cooling stage1
the fermented mash molasses after the regeneration stage was cooled by cooling water from 55.95℃ down to 40℃,and the cooling water got heated up from 33.41℃ to 44.37℃
section4 cooling stage2
the fermented mash molasses was finally cooled by cooling water from 40℃ down to 32℃,and the cooling water got heated up from 28℃ to 33.41℃
During the process, the mash molasses was heated up twice and cooled down double to achieve the desired temperature and pasteurization effect. The heating duties were carried out by steam and pasteurized mash molasses itself, and the cooling responsibilities were carried out by cooling water and warmed cooling water.

HFM was certified by ISO9001 and 3A for hygienic standard plate heat exchangers and tested by the SGS third party.

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