Plate Heat Exchanger for Semiconductor

HFM Plate Heat Exchanger Solution for Semiconductor
November 26, 2021

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The next decade’s equipment will be highly developed with the aid of AI and 5G technology. Semiconductor production in the leading manufacturers is a promising industry, but the increased production requires the plate heat exchangers to handle higher heat capacity (normally Btu/h).
In one project, the required heat capacity almost doubled from 15 million Btu/h to 27 million Btu/h in the last ten years compared with the first installed year. For such a case, the option of changing an entirely new plate heat exchanger to meet the increased requirement is not very economical. Because the frames are still quite new and the old plates are still in good service condition considering the media, either H.Q. water or the chilled water is clean and non-corrosive to the stainless steel.
So when the client reached us, we proposed redesigning and increasing the plate numbers to achieve the same efficiency. This option is comparatively economical and under the permission of the original carrying bar length. The cold side chilled water cooled the H.Q. water from around 70℃~60℃ down to 60℃~50℃.

HFM can design and manufacturer the plate heat exchangers and spares according to ASME and AHRI standards for global semiconductor producers.


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