Plate Heat Exchanger Service in Bioethanol Plant

HFM Plate Heat Exchanger Solution for Bioethanol Plant
December 22, 2021

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Biofuel is a cleaner and eco-friendly form of new energy, compared with fossil fuels. Ethanol as a main type of biofuel, its production plants are expanding in the recent and next few years to meet the global requirement of lower carbon emission. Biofuel will composent itself into the energy complex to meet the increasing demand for cheaper fuels.
The largest ethanol production and consuming countries are US, Brazil, and Germany. Bio-ethanol production plants mainly are sugarcane mills or corn ethanol plants. The two sources are plenty and cheap in South Asia, so in recent years, bioethanol production plants are expanding also in this area.
Plate heat exchangers are applied as product cooler in the process of fermentation, vacuum distillation and etc by cold side cooling water. The plate heat exchanger is the mash cooler. In one of our supply cases, the hot side bioethanol beer got cooled down from 32℃ to about 29℃, the cooling water got heated up from 26℃ to about 29℃. In the other case, the 26℃ cooling water cools down the mash from 70℃ to 28℃.
While bioethanol production is a global trend, the manufacturers are looking for more economic solutions for their equipment. HFM has a professional engineering team to design for more clients.

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