The Plate Heat Exchanger in Snow Factory

HFM Plate Heat Exchanger Solution for Snow Factory
December 17, 2021

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In the winter, what’re your favourite sports in the crystal world of ice and snow? Skiing and skating are the top answers for most people. In cities, indoor skiing and skating stadiums are established to make civilises leisure life more colourful.
The facility is making snow and ice indoor. The ice and snowmaking mechanism is refrigeration by utilisation of ammonia and ethylene glycol. The system unit is typically composed of an air compressor, plate heat exchanger, pump, tank, cooling tower and condenser. For one case, the plate heat exchanger is applied to Ammonia (-12 Deg Celsius) and on the other side Glycol (-8 Deg Celsius). The plate heat exchanger applicable for the refrigeration system is a brazed or semi-welded plate heat exchanger. The semi-welded plate heat exchanger by welding the plate pair can endure higher pressure. And the semi-welded design can also prevent leakage of the dysfunctional rubber gasket sealing. As the leakage of refrigerant is quite dangerous to maintenance workers.
HFM made custom plate heat exchanger design for indoor skiing and skating amusement park in NA and Europe. We also supply the all-brand plate heat exchanger replacement parts for the refrigeration industry.

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