The Plate Heat Exchanger in Palm Oil Extraction and Refinery Processes

HFM Plate Heat Exchanger Solution for Palm Oil
December 13, 2021

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Southeast countries are centralized the world biggest palm oil production companies. The palm fruit plantation in Malaysia and Indonesia are many. In the extraction and refinery processes, plate heat exchangers do the job as a heater, a surplus heat recovery and a cooler. The palm oil is heated up with steam, or the low-temperature palm oil is heated up by the other side’s palm oil at a higher temperature, or the palm oil is cooled down with water.

Scenario 1
The hot side’s palm oil of inlet temperature120℃ is cooled down to 60℃ at a flow rate of 30m³/h with the cold side’s 30℃ water at a flow rate of 77m³/h.
Scenario 2
The cold side’s palm oil inlet 60℃ is heated up to 90℃ at a flow rate of 22060 kg/h by the other side’s higher temperature palm oil of 125℃ at a flow rate of 18000 kg/h.

To endure the high temperature and the chemical property of palm oil, HFM engineering design for the plate heat exchanger, we choose gasket material to be either HNBR or NBR-HT. Besides the custom PHE design based on technical specifications, we can also give the palm oil production clients reliable solutions for their plate heat exchanger replacement parts, including frames, plates and gaskets.

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