Wort Pre-heater and Chiller Service

HFM Plate Heat Exchanger Solution for Brewing Wort Heating and Cooling
December 06, 2021

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HFM is a professional plate heat exchanger design, manufacturing, and services provider. We served global breweries for their wort PHE.

Breweries are processing thousands of tons of wort juice every day. The water treatment in a brewing plant is critical from economic and environment-friendly considerations. The world’s top biggest breweries daily and quarterly clean their plate heat exchangers via CIP system or open the PHE to maintain the high heat transfer efficiency. The backflush method can exile the fouling out of the PHE plate channels, while the service engineer can better inspect the plate condition and seal perfection if a PHE is opened. In the saccharification workshop, where the conversion of starches into sugar and dextrins happens during the mashing process, wort pre-heater and chiller in the brewery factory is designed into multi-pass. The frames are not the same as in the packaging workshop. Carbon steel material is sufficient to save more cost while meeting the food safety regulation.

HFM technical sales and service engineer pays client visits to Qingdao Brewery factory and makes professional services to the equipment. Service jobs have been done onsite. The engineer needs to open the PHE and do a visual inspection on the plate pack, degasketing the plates, then clean the plate pack including the transfer plates, after then seal well with a new set of gaskets, assemble them back in the right sequence, and perform a pressure test to make sure there is no leaking.

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