high quality plate heat exchanger and replacements in steel.

HFM High Quality Replacement Heat Exchanger in Steel Industry
August 17, 2021

by Zhao, Gigi 0 comment

In the water limited area, the industry production cost management relies heavily on how to save water and utilize the seawater. To optimize the energy utilization, high quality plate heat exchanger and replacements in steel industry are used to achieve high efficient heat exchange in many plants.


In the middle east and other sand area factories, seawater is lead into the factory to cool down the oil and be warmed up to store the surplus heat then circle into the energy saving. This is an efficient way to minimize the cost of large need in water supply. However the seawater requires the plate heat exchanger to be strong corrosion-resistant. HFM offers Gr1 titanium plate heat exchangers and replacements to one of the most famous international steel making plant, the economic solution gained their trust and satisfaction worldwidely. 


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