HFMCLOUD New Application of PHE Online

HFM Plate Heat Exchanger Value-Chain Logistics
November 23, 2019

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In the July,2019 HFMCLOUD App public promotion will serve all clients the integrated online. And it is perfecting our service processes and quality.


HFMCLOUD is an application which is based on cloud technology and big data analysis. It offers integrated online services from heat exchanger products, technical solutions and on-site services, calculation design, logistics and inventory etc to all heat exchanger users.

What HFMCLOUD can do?

Users can search for the product price and stock etc information in seconds on HFMCLOUD App which now on shelf with nearly 50000SKU heat exchanger products, with 6 categories. Users can also converse with the HFM intellectual database to get the product knowledge in the futhure. With the registry and certification online, you can make the purchase and order faster, with the flexible payment methods and specific customer service. The order can be traced full record of logistics and have the one-click button down after-sale service.


This Application is not created for HFM specific use, it will allian with HFM global partners to establish a sharing database covering industry information, technology knowledge, supply chain resources and service providers resources. It will empower every partner and make more professional and effective services to the whole industry.

How to download HFMCLOUD?

Input HFMCLOUD in the search box from Apple Store or Google Play, or scan the QR