HFM Plate Heat Exchanger Solution Global Supply Chain
June 25, 2020

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2020 the world had a tough begining but all beings will confidently fight over the econimic strike of the COVID-19 pandemic. In the recovery time of many industries of the world economy, HFM to meet worldwide customers requirement for their equipment maintenance schedule, now put forward the PROMOTION with high quality, good price and fast delivery offerings. We welcome your inquirynow let’s look at our PROMOTION!

PROMOTION Date:2020.6.1~2020.8.31

The above items are all in-stock, deliver directly upon order; Qty is the initial number, please check the up to date number before order. Other models in standard specification can deliver in 7 days. HFM model list quick check, please click link:https://www.hfm-phe.com/products/gaskets-and-plates.html

Access for online self-help direct purchase, APP and E-shop are open to US customers
APP download please visit http://app.hfm-cloud.com/
Eshop website link:https://www.toolots.com/marketplace/seller/profile/hofmannindustry388
Our customer service team can also help with your orders if you are already HFM client, or contact us via E-mail [email protected]