Building District Central Heating in Winter

Central Heating
June 27, 2022

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The energy crisis in Euro draws more attention. Civil utilization of power and heating in winter calls for more efficient solution for heat recovery systems. Heat pump and heat exchanger unit are applied in the new advanced heating system to achieve thermal efficiency over long-distance transmission. The plate heat exchanger operates in high-pressure working conditions and normally needs more than 300 pieces of plates for one single unit to serve a large heat exchange surface area. Building district central heating in winter requires good quality stainless steel plate pack and NBRHT rubber gasket sealing to maintain the lifetime and avoid downtime during the working season.
HFM all-brand plate heat exchanger spare parts and custom-designed new equipment now won more and more European clients’ trust. In the critical period of energy supply shortage, more district central heating projects and maintenance jobs choose HFM plate heat exchanger products to prepare for this winter.