HFM provides 60 units pasteurizers and pre-heaters for farm.

HFM Plate Heat Exchanger Solution for European Modern Dairies Farm
August 03, 2021

by Zhao, Gigi 0 comment

Nowadays, higher standards of hygenic use for daires product are set up in Europe. HFM supplied 60 units of pasteurizers and pre-heaters for European modern dairy farms.

HFM’s hygenic plate heat exchangers, not only assembled by FDA rubber gaskets and food use level 316L plates, but also can meet the European CE standard. Furthermore, Our equipment meets the 3A standard of the United States, specific for dairies and pharmaceutical products processing. Our plate heat exchangers will always satisfy customer’s expectations of the processing safety and equipment maintenance convenience.

HFM continues to provide customized design solutions for global Dairy users. To learn more about our equipment, please click on the product page.