Norway shipping company is HFM's marine sector client.

HFM wins high credits from Norway Shipping Company
July 27, 2021

by Zhao, Gigi 0 comment

One Norway shipping company is HFM’s international marine sector client. As ship owner, it is a fully integrated shipping company and operates many chemical tankers ranging in size. And it is one of the major seaway transporting companies of chemicals and other bulk liquid cargoes in Northern-Europe.


During the epidemic, global shipping is still maintaining high-speed operations. HFM has a good cooperative relationship with this Norway shipping company and wins high credits for our plate heat exchanger product and after-sales service. In the one-year operation performance audit feedback, the supplied VT80 model replacement unit is in good operating conditions without internal or external leakage. It keeps the excellent heat transfer efficiency throughout last year. HFM, emphasize the safety assurance to avoid unexpectable downtime with regular maintenance for our clients.


With strict qualification-control management and in-time after-sales service, we commit to be trustful partners for more marine industry clients.