Food and beverage industry has to meet with higher standards

July 28, 2021

by Zhao, Gigi 0 comment

During the epidemic, processing equipment for food and beverage industry has to meet with higher standards of hygenic use.

After long term of cooperation with global drink producers, HFM wins its reputation and recognized as reliable plate heat exchanger supplier by our clients.

For a South American Ram producer, HFM designed and supplied 12 units of stainless steel and carbon steel wide-gap free flow plate heat exchangers for its production processes. Our hygenic plate heat exchangers, not only assembled from FDA rubber gaskets and food use level 316L plates, but also tested by international third party SGS for food and beverage use safe equipment, will satisfy our customer’s expectations of safety and maintenance during usage.

HFM, commits to be trustful partners for more Food&Beverage industry clients. Contact us if you need our support.

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