PHE in Solar Energy Utilization

HFM Plate Heat Exchanger Solution for Solar Power
September 15, 2021

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Solar energy utilization is now a hot topic in global energy consumption and development. Wind and solar are the most popular sort of clean nature energy in most countries of new energy development plan. Solar panel factories are constructed worldwide to support this form of new clean energy utilization of turning sunlight into energy. HFM offers brazed plate heat exchangers and gasketed plate heat exchangers for those plants of solar energy utilization.

In the application of thermal oil cooler and water processing cooling in the manufacturing process, HFMPHE™ products installed in the Middle East and Asia plants gave the best solutions for customers’ efficient energy-saving and cost-saving. HFM local service teams also provide the high-quality spare parts of PHE to the end-users to longer the equipment operating up-time.

Consult HFM engineering team to find a suitable plate heat exchanger solution for your plant today. For more info about HFM products, please check our website and Youtube application knowledge sharing.