Plate Heat Exchanger for IDC Service

Data Center Cooling Cover
November 18, 2021

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Across the world, there are over hundreds of middle to large scale data centers. The cool environmental temperature and efficient heat extraction in the equipment operating room are key factors of the facility requirement. The central air conditioning system combined with high load PHE efficiency makes the most common solution for the current IDC cooling system. We recommend length pattern plate models with a small temperature difference of 1℃ between the hot and cold sides for the IDC plate heat exchanger design. The cooling water is comparatively clearer than other mediums. However, the fouling problem is still a factor in low down PHE efficiency, thus causing overheating and even downtime of the data center.
HFM service team and global partners are working for many data center’s PHE maintenance jobs. Cleaning and regasketing the PHE is a more convenient way to retain the regular operation of the PHE, and we offer a more economical solution on qualified replacement parts for them.
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